Advertising Management Services inc. has over 40 years experience in successful media research, planning and buying. Strong negotiation skills, strategy and pinpointing target audience yeild positive client results. As we are a small agency, every media schedule we purchase has hours of thought and precise planning put into it. We provide our clients with proper visibility and target audience while being the most cost efficient as well, negotiating prices that reflect the current market. 

In addition to carefully purchasing each media schedule, we continue to watch the schedules closely and make sure what we purchased is what we received. Every dollar of our clients is accounted for, assuring our strategy has been successfully implemented to our standards.

At Advertising Management Services inc. you are getting hands on planning. With each radio, television, and print order purchased, we also form relationships with these media outlets and representatives. Our priority is creating long lasting relations that benefit not only our company, but our clients as well. We are not simply planning and purchasing, each purchase is an opportunity to create a lasting relationship.

Depending on each clients specific goals, we make sure to carefully research media that is relevent to their niche. Your style and brand will be incorporated to the proper media outlets to make sure the correct targe audience is reached. Also, depending on the brand, style of purchasing will be a decision in the purchasing process. Style of media purchasing can make a large impact on visibility as well as the overall success of an advertising campaign.